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About Tyler's Pizzeria and Bakery


Bryan Tyler's passion for baking safe and healthy foods is at the heart of Tyler's Pizzeria and Bakery. Educated in the tradition of Europe's journeyman bakers, Bryan learned through the trade rather than "learning the trade" in a sterile environment. The seed of Tyler's Pizzeria and Bakery were first sown when Bryan began working at Thurn's Bakery and Deli in Columbus' German Village from 1994-98. Disheartened when Thurn's growth moved them away from a scratch bakery, Bryan left for Great Harvest Bakery where he was first introduced to the "Slow Food Revolution," baking there from 1998-2003. Restricted by the franchise menus and recipes of Great Harvest, Bryan longed for a more European bakery approach (even less processed ingredients like sugars and corn syrup) which he found when Omega Artisan Bakery in Columbus' North Market opened in 2003.  Joining Omega at their conception, Bryan gained valuable business start-up experience while he also helped to develop their bread and scone recipes along with other menu items. A year later, he took the leap into his own business, The Bread Basket Family Bakery

Plain Croissant

Today, Tyler's Pizzeria and Bakery is a leader in bringing safe and healthy food to Columbus' eastside. Challenging the status quo of today's megastores and the overly processed and gentically-modified products primarily for sale there, Tyler's has been on the cutting edge in its efforts to honestly provide, as best as it can, a truly organic and local alternative. In Bryan's words, "We work hard to purchase cars, homes and clothes to 'house' our bodies, but what are we doing to those bodies. If one can spend big money on these items, why not spend it on what goes into the body, keeping it safe and healthy." To that end, Tyler's Pizzeria and Bakery is clearly a leader in the "Slow Food Revolution," promoting local small businesses and the use of "sustainable foods," those grown without genetic modifications (GMOs), pesticides and herbicides. A true "scratch bakery," everything is prepared and baked fresh daily using as little processed food as is economically and realistically possible. Doughs are hand mixed; cheeses are hand grated; sauces are freshly hand made and pizza toppings are sliced on order. We can't possibly afford for all of our ingredients to be organic and fully and truly "natural," but the most essential ingredients are, and we do our best not to pass the additional expense onto the consumer. We want our good and healthy food to also be affordable.

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