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Tyler's Digital Rewards

How do I sign up? After making a purchase with us, all we need from you is a cellphone number. Note: Please be sure to use the SAME number to accurately record punches earned. 

What earns a punch? For every loaf of bread, calzone, stromboli, or pepperoni/veggie roll purchased you’ll earn 1 punch. After 12 punches, you’ll earn a FREE loaf.

For every LARGE pizza purchased, you’ll earn 2 punches. After 24 punches, you’ll earn a FREE Large 2-item Pizza

Any other questions you may have we will be happy to answer them.


How do I redeem? Prior to paying, inform our staff member that you would like to redeem. We will take care of the rest!

Note: Once you've completed your transaction, you will NOT be able to redeem until your next visit. 

Sign up Today!



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